1. Open to all current PSHS scholars.
  2. Theme:  The sculpture shall represent the PSHS scholars who have a passion for excellence, committed to serve the nation, and in search of the untarnished truth.
  3. Specifications

Target Materials to be used:

  • Scrap metal and / or heat-resistant and waterproof materials


  • 2.0 meter diameter base
  • 2.7 meter maximum height

(For reference, see the attached Site Development Plan of the PSHS System Building)

  1. All entries shall be presented in a scale model, labeled with the full name and PSHS campus of the participant.
  2. By joining the competition, the participant warrants that their entry is made by them, original, does not violate any intellectual property rights of other people, and has never been used in other events.
  3. Once submitted, the entries cannot be modified or cancelled
  4. Participating scholars do not need to provide the exact materials to be used or the detailed estimate of their sculpture.  Suggested materials are sufficient.
  5. Only one entry per participant / scholar.  The cost of the creation of the entry, transport, and other related expenses will be shouldered by the participant and / or the PSHS campus
  6. All entries shall be submitted to the Office of the Executive Director (OED) on or before February 15, 2017, 3:00 P.M. (Wednesday).
  7. For participants who will send their entry via courier, please e-mail a photo of your entry with a copy of the official receipt showing the date and time (not later than the deadline) of sending your entry to the courier.  E-mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  8. The complete address is:

Philippine Science High School System
Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City

  1. The participant shall secure a proof of receipt of their entry from the OED.  Only entries with proof of receipt by the OED are considered in the selection of winners
  2. The entries will be judged solely for the design.
  3. The OED will form a committee of judges for the selection of winners using the following criteria:
Relation to the theme 20%
Complements the overall appearance of the site and the building 20%
Manufacturability 30%
Impact 30%
TOTAL 100%


  1. Prizes:
First Place Php 10,000.00 cash and winning design will be used as a model in constructing the sculpture centerpiece with proper credit to the maker
Second Place Php 5,000.00
Third Place Php 3,000.00
Consolation Prizes Php 1,000.00 each (2 entries)


  1. The winning design will become the sole property of the PSHS System.  The design may be used in other activities and venues of the PSHS.  Revisions and adjustments may be made by the PSHS System to the design as deemed necessary.